Who We Are

Viciley Cosmetics belongs to one of the leading designers and makers of lashes, eyeliners and more cosmetics products. We work with other top brands and enjoy an enormous market share as a cosmetics maker.


What We Do

For the last five years, we have been devoted to solving one single problem that bothers hundreds of millions of makeup-lovers - the eyelash issue.

Everybody wants lovely lashes, but not everyone is blessed with that. Many turn to false lashes for help, or just get lash extensions.

However, wearing glue-on false lashes every day is too time-consuming and the glue can get so nasty. Not to mention the fact that many people are allergic to it.

The magnetic lashes are not so comfortable or stable for some people.

As for the lash extensions, so many people said it messed their real lashes up and they do not want to go through that anymore.

We feel them. We feel you. You asked, we made it!

After five years of dedicated research and thousands of experiments, we finally made it!

Now, say goodbye to all those concerns! We literally INVENTED a new product that does not contain glue or magnet to get false lashes stay.


Meet Viciley Magic Eyeliner

As a simple eyeliner, it does not rip your real lashes off or get messy.

But it's more than an eyeliner - for its magic sets your eye free from glue-on lashes and magnetic lashes.