It’s been a while since we launched our new product Viciley Magic Eyeliner Kit. As many good reviews as we received, there’re tons of people asking us questions about this product which they’ve never seen or heard before. In case some of you haven’t heard about it, let me introduce it to you briefly. There’s mascara, eyeliner, tweezers, and three pairs of false lashes in it. As you can tell from the name, the GEM in this kit is the magic eyeliner. It gets false lashes to adhere to your eyes WITHOUT the help of glue or magnet. All you need to do is to apply our magic eyeliner (let it dry) and put on false lashes. That’s it. Two steps and you get to enter the perfect-lash land. Sounds unbelievable, even crazy, right? But we made it!

“HOW DOES IT WORK if there’s no glue or magnet in it?” is the most frequently asked question. However, revealing the truth means allowing our competitors to copy us. We hesitated and struggled. But we decided to tell the truth to you anyway. Being honest and real to our customers is one of the most important rules we’ve been following since the beginning.

We call it magic, but there’s solid science behind it. Five years of dedicated research and thousands of experiments made that happen. The acrylate copolymer does its trick (film-forming) and helps the lashes stick directly.